A scallop shell brought her;
She floated ashore,
Venus a Goddess for man to adore.
Produced by the foam;
Born of the sea,
For their heart and mind;
Only she has the key.
Venus with passion, faith and true love;
Find her, she’s the blessing,
The gift from above.

By Lesley

In Roman mythology Venus is the Goddess of love, sex, beauty, fertility and victory. Similar to the equivalent Greek Goddess Aphrodite.

Venus was chosen to receive Paris’ golden apple, a metaphor which reminds us that despite the charms of wisdom and loyalty ultimately it is love that conquers all.

Venus and Aphrodite (tend to be synchronised) were produced by the foam from the castrated genitals of Uranus which his son Cronus severed and threw them in the sea by the coast of Cythera, a Greek island.

Venus fell in love with the handsome Adonis, Adonis was a bit of a ‘know it all’ and believed he was the best hunter in the world.
Venus had a dream that Adonis would be killed in a hunting accident.
Adonis believed that she was being over reactive and decided to ignore her premonition.
Shortly after that Adonis was killed by a wild pig whilst hunting. Venus had to watch her love die.

The moral of the story must be to always listen to Loves dream so you don’t get shafted by a crazed pig!