As 2020 comes to an end,

A year of change and not a friend;

We’ve adapted, cried, held our head in our hands,

Our plans delayed for far off lands;

Reflecting on our blessings, the privilege we hold.

Thoughts of those less fortunate, hungry, alone or cold;

Our earth needs our care, to live simply without greed,

The planet will always grace us, we just need to plant the seed;

The wind of change is here, we’ve had warnings thick and fast,

Throughout our globe there’s dark energies, and we’ve not seen the last;

Focus on doing good, raise the vibration way up high,

Chant, sing and beat those drums, eat chocolate and apple pie;

Our ego hasĀ  been a burden, a chain to disrupt our soul,

Be free and observe nature, Love and healing be your goal.