AnimalsBlue ButterflyItalian Dream


We are all part of life's rich tapestry, from the butterfly to the mad march hare...

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Blue Butterfly

She rests upon the nettle; Then plants a gentle kiss; The nettle forms a buttercup, And turns the song to bliss.

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Italian Dream

Follow the path and join me beside the sea...

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I have many ideas for creating pieces of art, looking at nature and wildlife, reflecting on our own individual journey.

How we sometime wait and see, go with the flow, and then sometimes we have courage to explore new possibilities, boldly heading fearlessly with that positive attitude and resilience.

Along the way we meet amazing people who shape our lives, sometimes only briefly and sometimes in what seems a life time. we often can reflect and wonder what its all about but we seem to have been given a plan, to learn, enjoy and grow.      This painting is called ‘Lake of reflection’. Perhaps she’s reflecting as well as the sky in the water

Apple Tree Cottage

The apple tree, strong, brave and enduring, hidden roots of youth that grasp stability from lifes fragility, Nourished by sweet essences, memories of love that fragrance the soul and lighten […]

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The Dog And I

Interview with Lesley Michele AC: How long have you known Alfie? LM: He’s about 8 years old. he came from down south- Northamptonshire AC: How would you describe him?# LM […]

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The magnificent native bluebells on a bright spring day; their delicate perfume fills the air and their vibrant carpet transforms the ground to blue. This painting was inspired by the […]

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Take your pencil and draw!

Being out in the open and with nature, listening to the woodland sounds, inhaling the fresh air and the perfume of the flowers; away from life’s hustle and bustle. It’s […]

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