A moment in Nature

Be quiet,listen,let nature speak in a multitude of vibrant sounds.
Breath…..slowly, gently, smell the fragrance of the season, embrace the air around us.
Feel the grass damp with dew, the rough tree bark, hold nature in your hand respectfully, it’s precious.
See natures simplicity and complexity, random surprises, magnificent colours, intricate wonders.
Capture, reflect, imprint the vision on the inward eye. Peace and tranquility etched into the mind.
One brief moment extending into many moments, at one with all.
Imaginary thoughts gently meandering like a fresh spring gliding over shiny pebbles.

Shimmering reflections from the stream cast a silver glow on to the foliage around the waters edge.
A mother duck and her four precious ducklings weave and scurry through the tall reeds searching for food,
alert to the old pike who could easily devour one of her precious offspring.
A hundred mayflies hover over the skin of the lake, airborn in loves passion until the end of their day.