The Kingfisher

Elusive, swiftness of flight with precision and stealth like determination, his sharp beak pierces the dark surface of the water, quickly emerging with his speared catch.
To be blessed with a momentary glance of his majestic hue leaves an imprint on that inward eye, to be recalled when contemplating the wonders of nature.
For a moment he sits in thought on his usual discreet branch, the morning sun displays him in his full bright glory,
as only found in the most iridescent of rainbows and lightning shades of blue.
He is actually a dull brown and quite plain but the sun wants him to be a beacon to light up the world, to succeed in his challenges.
Why did nature give this remote king of the waterways, who works so hard for his supper such a bright coat, thus making hunting a challenge?
And why would this wonderful king live solitary
in a disused termite nest, a simple home found by charging beak first into the hard earth, often getting injured along the way.
Beautiful kingfisher, odd and not always bright in thought.